Brush Clearing Reduces Fire Hazards in Marietta, GA

Vegetation grows nonstop to the point that without proper maintenance, it can intrude in other off-limit areas. They require proper care and attention to keep them from becoming a fire hazard. Our experts provide brush clearing services to make your property a safer place. It is also a great way to make your outdoor areas look cleaner. Reach out to our experts to learn more.

We Can Work in Hard to Reach Areas

Take Care of Your Brushes

Clearing brushes requires special attention. We are careful to handle thorns and other dangerous parts responsibly to avoid injuries. These types of bushes are difficult to take care of; fortunately, we own the latest equipment to complete the job safely. Our tools are perfect for cutting off inaccessible areas. After we are done, we’ll take care of the discarded vegetation so that you don’t have to worry.

Reduce the Risk of Finding Snakes in Your Property

Thin Out Your Vegetation

Brush clearing will help you significantly reduce the risk of snakes and other poisonous animals thriving on your property. At Black Label Tree Ltd., we treat or thin any type of vegetation to also help you reduce fire hazards. Our team in Marietta, GA, uses special equipment to complete the job without harming the surrounding vegetation. If you own a commercial or residential property, contact our experienced professionals.

Our Full Range of Services

Remove unwanted trees and get extra space.

Tree Removal

Stimulate flower and fruit development.


Say goodbye to stumps even in hard to reach areas.

Stump Grinding

Remove fallen branches, debris, and other materials.

Land Clearing

Reduce the risk of fires and pest infestation.

Brush Clearing

Make your trees taller without compromising your garden.

Canopy Raising

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